Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Owner Questions

Lagotto Romagnolo, which translates to “lake dog from Romagna,” is a fitting name for this breed given that it was initially used to assist in waterfowl hunting through the marshy marshes of Romagna, Italy.

They are also referred to as Romagna Water Dogs and Italian Water Dogs. Since many of the breed’s native marshes have been drained, these dogs now serve a new purpose in truffle hunting. Their extraordinary noses can be easily trained to be used for smell work by humans. In the fall and winter, lagottos’ thick coats keep them warm while shielding them from thorns and other debris as they sprint through woodlands.

In the present era, they are the only canines bred specifically for the hunt for truffles. They are experts at the job thanks to their keen sense of smell and innate digging behavior. Lagotto Romagnolos make loving, engaging, easygoing dogs for homes with little requirements. Their hypoallergenic coats are beneficial for allergy patients, but they need a lot of upkeep. Therefore, this dog may fit in with your family if you can maintain proper grooming and brushing habits and you want a devoted, trainable companion — or someone to assist you in searching for delectable truffles.

Lagotto Romagnolo  Dog  History

The Lagotto Romagnolo’s history dates back at least as far as the Italian Renaissance, and maybe even farther. These dogs were initially bred as hunting partners to assist in the retrieval of waterfowl in the marshlands of Romagna. They were well adapted for plunging into chilly waters thanks to their water-resistant clothing. But as the marshlands in the area began to be drained in the late 1800s, these dogs may have been out of a job if it weren’t for the fact that their exceptional noses made them superb truffle hunters. Lagotto Romagnolos began to be repurposed for this function, which they continue to perform superbly. They are the only breed currently existing that was created exclusively to hunt truffles. If not for enthusiasts in the late 1980s who became interested in preserving the breed, the Lagotto Romagnolo breed might have completely gone by the 1970s. Since then, Lagotto Romagnolos have gained popularity in many nations, and the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed as a sporting dog in July 2015. Although Lagotto Romagnolos are still used for truffle hunting, their loyal family companionship and hypoallergenic coats may increase their popularity with allergy sufferers.

Lagotto Romagnolo  Dog  Information


Dog Name Lagotto Romagnolo
Lagotto Romagnolo  Dog Height Male: 43–48 cm
Weight Male: 13–16 kg
Life Span 15 – 17 years
Breed Group Foundation Stock Service Program
Temperament Keen, Loyal, Active, Loving, Companionable, Trainable
Dog Price $3000-$4000 USD
Color Brown Roan, White & Chocolate, Off-White, Orange, Orange & White, Brown

Lagotto Romagnolo  Dog  FAQ

Are Lagotto dogs suitable as pets ?

A medium-sized breed, they have woolly, curling fur. This traditional working breed also makes a calm and loving companion. Lagottos make excellent family pets. If you want a Lagotto and live in an apartment, you’ll need to schedule time for your dog to exercise.

Is Lagotto Romagnolo a barker ?

Lagotto Romagnolos don’t bark that much, though. Although this intelligent breed may bark at guests or other dogs, it is quite simple to educate them to do so.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is it uncommon ?

“Lake dog from Romagna” is what lagotto Romagnolo means. They are a very uncommon breed, particularly in the United States, where just 500 were recorded in 2009.

Do Lagotto Romagnolo dogs have intelligence ?

Lagottos are perceptive, clever, and animated. They excel in canine competitions like agility and obedience as well as other activities like dock diving because they love to learn and satisfy their owners.

Is Lagotto capable of violence ?

Golden and Labrador Retrievers were the least likely to be aggressive, as one might expect. Rough Collie, Miniature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, German Shepherd, and Lagotto Romagnolo were among the breeds that were more likely to be violent.

Is Lagotto Romagnolo suitable for first-time buyers ?

Remember, they are a working breed, thus they require a task or they become destructive, and as a result, they are frequently not suggested to first-time dog owners. They require extensive training (every day) as well as constancy. Lagotto Romagnolo do not shed, however they do require a lot of maintenance.

Is Lagotto Romagnolo friendly with other dogs ?

Generally speaking, the Lagotto Romagnolo is a simple dog to live with. They are joyful, intelligent, loving, loyal, teachable, physically fit, affectionate, and sensitive. The Lagotto gets along well with other dogs and kids if the owner socializes them properly.

What number of Lagotto Romagnolo exist ?

Despite this, there are now more Lagotto Romagnolo people living in Italy than ever before. We increased from 1127 dogs in 2007 to 2198 dogs in 2016 based on Enci statistics.

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