Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Owner Questions

Kerry Blue Terrier  DogThe ideal working dog is the Kerry Blue Terrier. They are Irish and are native to County Kerry, where they were used to herd sheep and cattle as well as hunt small game and birds, kill rats, and kill. They developed into a beloved pet as well, showing ferocious devotion to their family or group.

Despite not being a very well-known dog breed, Kerry Blue enthusiasts are devoted to the breed because of its work ethic and devoted companionship. Additionally, although perhaps having a strong will, they are generally amicable to most people and pick things up quickly. They may prefer to live alone and may not, however, get along well with other dogs. Nevertheless, with consistent training and lots of exercise, these puppies can become dedicated and lovable family members.

In general, the Kerry Blue Terrier gets along well with people of all ages, especially kids. He makes a great family dog because he loves to take part in all family activities and is happiest when he is with the people he cares about. He also makes a good watchdog, alert to alert his family to intruders or anything unusual. The Kerry Blue does not have a loud voice, yet his bark is commanding.

The Kerry Blue is devoted and loyal to his family, but he is strong-willed. He requires a similarly strong-willed owner, one who can exhibit kindness and consistency in leadership. Because the Kerry Blue will walk all over an unsure person, he is not often suited for first-time dog owners.

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog  History

The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in Ireland, notably in the County Kerry mountains. He used to be a working terrier who hunted small game and birds, killed rats, and protected his farm. He was effectively employed to herd cattle and sheep. The breed eventually became well-liked and was shown in conformation. English breeders saw potential as well, and the Kennel Club approved of the breed.

The Kerry Blues were initially purposefully bred to be aggressive. Prior to being judged at early dog shows, the Irish Kennel Club required each dog to pass a “gameness” exam. Catching bunnies and bringing a badger to the bay were two of the tests. The Kerry Blue was given the moniker “Blue Devil” as a result of these experiments.

Who introduced the original Kerry Blue to America is a mystery. He may have made an appearance at the Westminster exhibition in 1922, and the American Kennel Club recognized the breed as a distinct entity in 1924. The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of America was founded by a group of enthusiasts at a meeting held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City during the Westminster show in 1926.

Irish nationalist Michael Collins proposed legislation to designate the Kerry Blue as Ireland’s national dog at the beginning of the 20th century. The name of his own Kerry Blue was Convict 225. However, Collins was assassinated before the bill could be passed, and following his passing, enthusiasm in the proposal waned.

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog  Information

Dog Name Kerry Blue Terrier
Kerry Blue Terrier  Dog Height Male: 46–51 cm
Weight Male: 15–18 kg
Life Span 13 – 15 years
Breed Group Terrier Group
Temperament Affectionate, Loyal, Alert, Spirited, Strong Willed, Gentle
Dog Price $2000 – $2500 USD
Color Black, Blue, Grey, Silver, Blue & Black, Slate Blue


Kerry Blue Terrier  Dog  FAQ

Are Kerry Blue Terriers suitable as family pets ?

In general, the Kerry Blue Terrier gets along well with people of all ages, especially kids. He makes a great family dog because he loves to take part in all family activities and is happiest when he is with the people he cares about.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers soft and cuddly ?

Kerry blue terriers are loyal and loving dogs that give you the best of both worlds: while they have a strong will and enjoy being given a work to keep them active, many of them will be just as content to cuddle up with you at the end of the day.

Is it simple to teach Kerry Blue Terriers ?

Kerry Blue Terriers are difficult to teach. They are intelligent and have their own thoughts.

How does a Kerry Blue appear ?

The Kerry Blue has a tall head, short V-shaped ears that fold forward, black eyes with a keen expression, a squarish body, and a medium-length tail carried high.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers intelligent ?

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a smart dog. However, they have a streak of independence like many terriers have. These dogs are known for their independence and great spirits, but they are also devoted to their families and gentle with young children.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers fond of the water ?

Kerry Blue Terriers are energetic, lively canines who enjoy jogging and swimming. But if you give them enough exercise outside, they’ll look forward to quiet family time inside the house.

Kerry blue terriers are able to bark ?

Rarely do they bark.

Are Kerry Blue Terriers hair or fur animals ?

The Kerry Blue’s silky, dense, and wavy coat is hard maintenance even though it is thought to be non-shedding. Every day brushing, clipping, and bathing are required for him.

What breed of dog is a Kerry Blue Terrier ?

A Kerry Blue Terrier and a Schnauzer were crossed to create the hybrid dog known as the Kerry Blue Schnauzer. This mix, who is vivacious, sharp, and affectionate, will be an excellent addition to a busy family.

How does a Kerry Blue Terrier’s coat look ?

The Kerry Blue’s smooth, wavy coat, which was originally inky black, is thought to have gradually transitioned to gray over time.

Where did the Kerry Blue Terrier breed originate ?

Ireland’s County Kerry is where the Kerry blue was first bred, and there it has been since the 1820s.

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