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Canines of the Irish Water Spaniel dog breed enjoy everything they do, whether it’s splashing after ducks or showing off in the agility ring. They were developed in Ireland as a water retriever and are now rare, but they make excellent companions for active and experienced dog owners, especially if they live near a body of water. DogTime suggests this dog bed for a nice night’s sleep for your medium-sized Irish Water Spaniel. You could also get this dog fetch toy to assist your pet burn off some of his excess energy!

Irish Water Spaniels are extremely clever, lively, eager, and energetic dogs. The generations of breeding that have contributed to their retrieving abilities have also created a desire to please in them. This makes training an Irish Water Spaniel extremely simple. Having said that, he has a mischievous side that can make him difficult to work with at times. The breed can perform well in obedience, but its mischievous, fun-loving disposition may emerge unexpectedly during competition and disrupt your plans for the day.

Irish Water Spaniel  dog History

The exact origin of this breed, like many others, is discussed among fanciers and hidden in Irish mists. The Irish Water Spaniel first appeared in Ireland in the 1830s, primarily from Justin McCarthy’s kennel. The present breed is traced to his dog “Boatswain,” who was born in 1834. Mr. McCarthy would never identify the sources of his breeding, and he died with the knowledge. Speculation centers on early Barbet or Poodle-type dogs from France that may have arrived in Ireland, as well as Portuguese Water Dogs that may have arrived on Portuguese fishing boats.  In addition, there were two types of water spaniels in Ireland at the time, one of which had a curly coat and may have contributed to the breed’s makeup.

The breed’s first show classes were held in Birmingham in 1862, and the first Irish Water Spaniel ran in a field trial in 1899. In 1877, four Irish Water Spaniels competed in the first Westminster Kennel Club show.

In Ireland, the Irish Water Spaniel is still a popular working and show dog. The breed arrived in the United States in the 1870s, but it has never achieved the popularity that it does in Ireland. The Irish Water Spaniel currently ranks 139th out of the 155 breeds and varieties listed by the American Kennel Club, a well-kept secret indeed.

Irish Water Spaniel  dog  Information

Dog Name Irish Water Spaniel
Irish Water Spaniel  dog  Height Male: 56–61 cm
Weight Male: 25–30 kg
Life Span 10 – 12 years
Breed Group Sporting Group
Temperament Clownish, Intelligent, Alert, Inquisitive, Active, Quick
Dog Price $1500 – $2000 USD
Color Liver


Irish Water Spaniel  dog  FAQ

Are Irish water spaniels romantic ?

They adore their family, including their children. They are, however, cautious of strangers and do not usually get along with other dogs or pets. Irish Water Spaniels require a home where they can get enough of physical and mental activity because they are lively, clever dogs.

How intelligent is an Irish Water Spaniel ?

The Irish water spaniel is considered as the clown of the spaniel family because of his intelligence and inquisitiveness. It is a faithful companion, but socialization is essential if this lively dog lives with small children. Irish water spaniels shed little and are a great pet for most allergy sufferers.

How much activity does an Irish Water Spaniel require ?

between one and two hours

An Irish Water Spaniel in good health needs one to two hours of rigorous exercise every day. A favorite past time is playing fetch in the water, along with dock jumping and field training.

Are Irish Water Spaniels vocal barkers ?

Generally speaking, the Irish Water Spaniel is a quiet dog. He appears to save his barking for emergencies where he has to alert his family. He is a great watchdog due to his attentive and curious nature.

Can Irish Water Dogs Cause Allergies ?


Is it simple to train Irish Water Spaniels ?

The Irish Water Spaniel is a lively, high-energy companion and is a typical sporting dog. He is eager to please, which makes training him quite simple, although he need a lot of daily activity.

Water spaniels shed or not ?

To keep the coat in good condition, brush it once a week. In the spring, Water Spaniels shed, but regular brushing will prevent excessive amounts of stray hair from collecting on your carpets and furnishings.

Are Irish water spaniels suitable for first-time dog owners ?

They get along well with children and other pets, but early socialization is critical to ensuring Irish water spaniel pups grow into relaxed, well-adjusted adult dogs who are comfortable in new circumstances and with new people.

Are water spaniels suitable as family dogs ?

American water spaniels are intelligent, obedient, affectionate, and get along well with other animals and children. They also make excellent watchdogs. These qualities make them ideal family pets.

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