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Irish Setters Dog began as gundogs in their native Ireland, and their popularity quickly spread due to the beauty of their rich mahogany coat and their zeal as bird dogs. They have a lot of energy and are friendly, mischievous, and curious. This is a brave and lively family member who has the ability to excel in a variety of canine sports and activities.

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Irish Setter dog History

It’s no surprise that this lovely redhead is from Ireland, a country known for producing fine and beautiful dogs. The Irish Setter appears to have originated in Ireland in the 18th century, most likely as a consequence of a cross between English Setters, spaniels, pointers, and Gordon Setters.  Those early Irish Setters were known as red spaniels, maybe as a nod to their heritage, or modder rhu, Gaelic meaning “red dog.” They were frequently white and red rather than the solid dark crimson we see today. Some of the dogs, dubbed “shower of hail,” sported crimson coats with little white patches. The Irish Earl of Enniskillen is credited with popularizing solid red hounds. He would have no other kind in his kennels by 1812.  Jason Hazzard of Timaskea in County Fermanagh and Sir St. George Gore were two other Irish breeders who favoured red dogs at the time.

The first Irish Setter imported to the United States was Elcho. He arrived in 1875 and quickly rose to prominence not only in the show ring but also in the field. Admiral was the first Irish Setter registered by the American Kennel Club in 1878. They immediately rose to prominence in America as one of the most well-liked breeds and a favorite in the show ring. 760 Irish Setters won conformation titles between 1874 and 1948, but only five won field titles. Some original breed enthusiasts were alarmed by this, and in 1940 the magazine Field and Stream urged for the revival of the breed as a working dog. Two varieties are commonly seen today: the larger, heavier show dog and the lighter, more svelte field dog Irish Setter Dog

Due to the Big Red-themed literature and movies, as well as King Timahoe, an Irish Setter who lived in the White House during the Nixon administration, the popularity of the Irish Setter skyrocketed in the 1960s and 1970s. The AKC currently recognizes 155 breeds and types, with the Irish Setter coming in at number 68.

Irish Setter dog  Information

Dog Name Irish Setter
Irish Setter dog  Height Male: 64–67 cm
Weight Male: 27–32 kg
Life Span 13 to 14 years
Breed Group Sporting Group
Temperament Lively, Affectionate, Energetic, Independent, Playful, Companionable
Dog Price Rs 25,000 – Rs 30,000
Color Mahogany, Red, Chestnut


Irish Setter dog  FAQ

Are Irish Setters suitable as family pets ?

Irish Setters Dog are among the most well-liked family pets, and it’s easy to see why: they’re loving, friendly, and extroverted. They are wonderful family friends and make great playmates for kids because to their contagious energy. This breed is always by your side, even in quieter periods.

What personality traits do Irish Setters possess ?

Irish Setters Dog are cheerful, loving, and eager to please. He has lots of energy and will enjoy having a task to do. To prevent him from getting bored, keep your training approaches consistent while making the sessions enjoyable

Are Irish Setters talkative ?

Setters are a boisterous breed. Along with the loud barking, many setters insist on joining in on their humans’ talks using their unique setter dialect.

Is it possible to leave Irish Setters alone ?

Irish Setters may tolerate an hour or two alone, but they are prone to separation anxiety and destructive behavior when left alone for an extended period of time. It is recommended to crate train your Irish setter so that they have a safe place to sleep while you are away.

Do Irish Setters become calmer ?

The Irish Setter, however, develops into a serene and respectable friend as they age. But they’re always up for a game! Due to their high activity levels, these dogs need regular exercise to remain healthy and happy. They do make good family pets though because they are quiet enough.

Do Irish Setters experience anxiety ?

Anxiety about separation.

Do Irish Setters require a lot of physical activity ?

Irish Setters need long daily walks and off-lead running in roomy, open areas because they are such an active breed. More than two hours each day is advised by the Kennel Club. The Irish Setter is a long-haired dog breed, therefore in addition to activity needs, it will also need to be brushed at least once per week.

Is training Irish doodles challenging ?

Training an Irish Doodle is not that difficult. To master various commands and remember what they have learned, they will need to practice and repeat them frequently. It’s also suggested to start training the dog while it’s a puppy because it will make training go more smoothly.

The Irish Setter breed is hypoallergenic ?


Are Irish Setters friendly with outsiders  ?

They immediately develop devoted to their family members and are warm to outsiders. Because of their even temperament, they get along well with youngsters and other family pets.

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