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Hokkaido Dog is a Japanese purebred dog. These canines are intelligent, alert, and devoted to their families, making them wonderful companions.  Ainu-ken, Seta, and Ainu dog are all names for the Hokkaido. In Japan, their name is abbreviated as Do-ken. Because they are a medium-sized breed, these lovely canines may live in apartments and townhomes. However, they are quite energetic and would like a home with a yard or a nearby park where they could stroll and play. Hokkaidos get along in any type of household, from singles to large families. They also get along with children when they are raised with them or appropriately socialized at a young age. They are attentive to their surroundings and entirely devoted, making them the ideal dog for you!

Hokkaido dog  History

The Hokkaido dog is a Spitz-type working dog that evolved on the major island of Hokkaido, however some claim they originated on Honshu, another large island south of Hokkaido. Experts say the Hokkaido dog breed is the oldest and most primitive of all Japanese dog varieties. In 1869, British biologist Thomas Blankiston found the Hokkaido dog in Japan and gave it the name we know today.

The Hokkaido were originally hunting dogs, and their genetic makeup has been remarkably unaffected by interbreeding with other dog breeds. Many Hokkaido dogs have a blue and black tongue, which could indicate a kinship with Chow-Chows and/or Shar Pei canines. Japan designated this breed as a living natural monument in 1937, making them legally protected. Before weapons were invented, the Japanese trained dogs to hunt alongside them. These daring medium-sized dogs would take on even enormous bears. They were also quite resourceful, catching fish in streams with ease. They are taught to assist with search and rescue activities due to their intelligence, although they are mostly kept as family pets today.

Even though the Hokkaido breed is uncommon outside of Japan, there are still dogs of this breed in shelters or in the care of rescue organizations around the world. If you decide this is the breed for you, consider adopting. Check your local shelters and breed-specific rescues, since they occasionally accept Hokkaido dogs and find them homes.

Hokkaido dog  Information

Dog Name Hokkaido dog
Hokkaido dog  Height Male: 48–52 cm
Weight Male: 20–30 kg
Life Span 12-15 years
Breed Group working
Temperament Faithful, Docile, Bold, Dignified, Alert, Brave
Dog Price $1000 – $1500
Color White, Black, Sesame, Brindle, Black & Tan, Red


Hokkaido dog  FAQ

Are dogs from Hokkaido friendly ?

Generally speaking, the Hokkaido Inu is a fairly amiable dog. They will become devoted family dogs after receiving obedience training and socialization.

What size does a Hokkaido usually reach ?

All Hokkaido dogs are medium-sized and well-built. Most people range in height from 18 to 22 inches and weigh between 45 and 65 pounds. Despite this, many might vary in size. Although female Hokkaido dogs may be lighter in weight and shorter in stature, they would still fall within those parameters.

What are some of Hokkaido’s shortcomings ?

The Hokkaido has a full set of white teeth that are evenly spaced and form a scissors bite. Slightly overshot or undershot bite is a fault. Extremely overshot or undershot bite is disqualified.

Which health issue affects Hokkaido the most frequently ?

Although the Hokkaido dog breed is often quite healthy, some inherited health issues can occur in this purebred canine. Hip dysplasia and luxating patella are the two biggest health issues in Hokkaido. Hip dysplasia is characterized by a loose fit of the thighbone in the hip joint.

When is the ideal time to travel to Hokkaido ?

The greatest time to travel to Hokkaido if you’re seeking for outdoor adventures may be during the summer. Cool nights and long, sunny days give you plenty of time to appreciate each day. Numerous flowers are renowned for blooming in July, and August is the perfect month to venture outside and take in Hokkaido’s verdant surroundings.

What is renowned about Hokkaido ?

Due to the optimal conditions provided by the frigid waters surrounding Japan’s northernmost prefecture for fish and sea plants, Hokkaido is well known for the superior quality and freshness of its seafood. Some regions of the prefecture are renowned for a particular product, like as the uni (sea urchin) of Rishiri and Rebun

Is driving in Hokkaido safe ?

Winter driving on Hokkaido is challenging and perhaps deadly. Roads may be fully obstructed or extremely slick. If you do decide to travel in the winter, be sure to be well-prepared and have snow chains, a blanket, drink, and some food before you start your journey.

In Hokkaido, which month is the coldest ?


Is Hokkaido usually chilly ?

Hokkaido, where the average high temperature is only 11°C, is the coldest place in Japan. The weather is generally consistent with that of Central Europe. In addition to being chilly and rainy, the year also includes a few stunning warm months.

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