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Great pyrenees Dog The purpose of the Great Pyrenees dog breed is to guard sheep, goats, animals, people, children, grass, flowers, the moon, lawn furniture, bird feeders, and any actual or fictitious predators that may infringe on your personal space. Oh, and to give unconditional love over and over again. Even though these are purebred canines, they may end up in the hands of shelters or rescue organizations. Keep in mind to adopt! If you want to bring a dog home, don’t go shopping.

Anyone who sees this lovely white puppy is smitten. What is there not to like? They have a powerful frame, a gorgeous, thick coat, and exude grace and majesty. With just one look, you can see the intellect and calm disposition that many people search for in an excellent family dog.

The Great Pyrenees were initially created so that shepherds could protect flocks. He primarily works with individuals these days, frequently in counseling and rescue work. This dog adores the activity of carting.

Great pyrenees Dog History

 The Great Pyrenees, which protect livestock and serve as a natural border between France and Spain, were born in the Pyrenees Mountains. He goes by several names, including Great Pyrenees in North America and Canada and Pyrenean Mountain Dog in much of Europe.

His ancestors are thought to have originated in Asia Minor ten to eleven thousand years ago. His forefathers are said to have arrived in the Pyrenees Mountains around 3000 B.C. The breed was created in order to make a dog that would assist shepherds.

Initially, the Great Pyrenees was thought to be a peasant dog. However, in 1675, the Dauphin of King Louis XIV’s court declared the Great Pyrenees to be the Royal Dog of France. This spurred the French elite to purchase Great Pyrenees and use them to protect their properties.

Great pyrenees Dog Information

Dog Name Great pyrenees
great pyrenees Height Male: 70–82 cm
Weight Male: 45–73 kg
Life Span 10–12 years
Breed Group Mountain Dog
Temperament sensitive, loyal, and extremely devoted
Dog Price  $800 to $1,500 
Color  White, Tan, Grey, Red, Badger


Great pyrenees Dog  FAQ

how were great pyrenees bred ?

Great Pyrenees were bred centuries ago in the Pyrenees Mountains to work with peasant shepherds and herding dogs.

how are great pyrenees as pets ?

These dogs tend to be dependable, friendly, and gentle, but if necessary, they won’t think twice about defending their family and their home.

how are great pyrenees with other dogs  ?

Great Pyrenees get along nicely with other dogs in general. The personality of your Pyrenees and how they are exposed to other dogs will be the two most essential considerations. Great Pyrenees, like other dogs, have instincts that might make initial impressions less than desirable.

how are great pyrenees with cats ?

Because it is friendly, calm, patient, and kind, the Great Pyrenees dog breed is fine with cats.

are great pyrenees easy to train ?

Great Pyrenees are known for their stubbornness and strong will, yet they can be trained.

are great pyrenees good family dogs ?

The Great Pyrenees is a serious, quiet dog noted for his commitment to family, even well-behaved children.

are great pyrenees aggressive ?

Although this breed is not inherently aggressive, abuse or lack of adequate training might cause them to become violent.

are great pyrenees smart ?

The Great Pyrenees is a clever breed that can often become bored.

are great pyrenees hypoallergenic ?

No, Great Pyrenees are not allergy-friendly. This high-shedding breed has a lot of fur and dander, which irritates and scratches delicate nostrils.

will great pyrenees kill cats ?

Many Great Pyrenees are dominating or violent against unknown dogs. Cats are not safe for certain Great Pyrenees.

will great pyrenees bite ?

Great Pyrenees are not typically biters, preferring to be more placid and amiable.

will great pyrenees play fetch ?

They don’t fetch, and they won’t punish you for misbehaving by bringing back something you threw away but was still in fine condition.

will great pyrenees protect chickens ?

Although this dog can be incredibly vicious when faced with predators, it makes a superb friend for delicate and defenseless little animals like chickens.

will great pyrenees kill coyotes ?

Most domestic dogs, especially tiny and medium-sized breeds, should be kept away from coyotes. The majority of huge breeds cannot kill a coyote, but some can.

great pyrenees issues ?

may experience minor medical issues such as entropion, osteosarcoma, osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD), skin issues, cataract, chondrodysplasia, and panosteitis.

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